Leh - Shopping/tailoring questions
Matthew Morris
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Leh - Shopping/tailoring questions

Hi all,

I usually get some business clothes tailored when I go to India, but this next trip, I'll only be in one place long enough, does anyone know if Leh has a tailor?

Also the Tibetan masks, is there any place that has particularly good/good price ones? What sort of price is typical for a good quality mask?

Thanks for any responses!

Cheers Matt
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Hi all... Can I buy hiking clothes preferebly Rab/Montane or similar in Leh City? If not I will be in Paharganj Delhi for a couple of days before I fly to Leh. Should I buy there?
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What indian city does not have a tailor? But its a casual sort of town and I doubt you'd get the sort of standard you would in ND or Mumbai. If Non Indian Resident sees this thread, they will know.

No to both.The only way you will get Rab or Montane stuff is if you steal it from a fellow trekker
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Oh and Tibetan masks, doubt if there is any genuine old Tibetan stuff left but the same skills exist today in Dharamsala's workshops and is exported by the truckload to Leh, from whence some now adorns my living room. Price is what you haggle. Havent been in it for years but the Ladakh Art Palace upstairs on the right in the main bazaar with you back to the palace used to have some good stuff generally
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Thangkas , masks and singing bowls are produced in quantity in Nepal and near dharamsala with the latter being a bit more 'tibetan'. Then distributed all over the region - no tourist left behind must be their motto.

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