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Down sleeping bag (India)


Does anybody have any first hand experience of Stikage high altitude 'down' sleeping bag? The comfort rating as claimed by them on their website is -20 degree celsius (claimed filling weight is 1100 gms and total weight is 1800 gms) and it sells for Rs 5900/-. I am looking for a good quality down sleeping bag within Rs 10,000 range. The foreign brands at -15 to -20 celsius rating category seem way too pricey in India.[cry]

Suggestions of other options would be well appreciated.

Sumit Palit

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Though I have never used any "Stikage" products personally but have seen guys used them a few times. Not a sleeping bag mind you. Stuff like rucksacks and like. They are value for money but "looked" as if lacked a bit of finishing. A minor few glitches here and there , a couple of design flaws and missed stitches, absolutely immaterial individually, but potentially hampers smooth use cumulatively, in a much bigger way. A high altitude sleeping bag is not a backpack , a few glitches can completely mar your expedition and you may never have a second chance. So I suggest an established brand , which your peers favour, even if that means more expenses upfront. My 2 cents.
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Coleman (UK brand) rated to 0F / -17c is available on Amazon for 7500. I recall captain Bruce calling Coleman as a 'cheap and cheerful' brand. So I guess it would work. I've been to stikage office in Delhi near the university and came back without purchasing anything because the finishing didn't seem it would hold up (I was looking for a backpack).
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In India there is no requirement to label the percentage of feathers and down, and the locals and sellers don't know the difference, so they call all down items "feather". In my experience Indian "feather" coats etc really do have a lot of feathers and less down, and thus are not as warm, and the stiff feathers poke through the shell and come out.
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This is a fair buying guide for a sleeping bag - even though the retailer is not an Indian retailer -

Hope it helps...
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I have been using Stikage hollow fiber sleeping bag for last decade.

Sleeping bag is warm, comfortable, durable, good enough for 0'C, but not lower. Only negative point is large pack size and weight. Site claims comfort -10'C - when I confronted them, they said, it's assuming one will wear a good thermal layer and socks. Actual definition of "comfort" temperature by European norm is a-lot more more conservative, though still subjective.

In my opinion, if you have an understanding of sleeping bags by their feel - a good option is Manali & Leh have several shops selling Chinese fakes. Don't go by temperature ratings written on them - they are ridiculously low. But some pieces can be real good for the price - A friend of mine got one from there at INR 4000 a few years back, and it was as awesome as original north face/ similar brand, -10'C comfort rating. I decided to save money and got a 2000 one down feather but very light (7-800 gm), which is okay for perhaps 5'C with additional thermal layer. Not very warm, but being super light-weight, benefit of lower rucksack weight is welcome for when it won't be too cold.

Best would be to get it from someone returning from USA/ Europe. Or some site shipping internationally when it's seasonal sale time.

Or if you always have a porter for your trips and don't mind a bit bulkiness, Stikage is good.

Many shops also stock decent brands but no publicity online. For example, Matunga shop in Mumbai (forgot name) had a brand called Rocksport which was my first sleeping bag. And it was real good. Same for stores in NCR.
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Also, please keep in mind that you can improve the warmth and rating of a sleeping bag by using a liner. We have used silk liners and found them to be excellent. Other kinds might work as well.
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This query comes up every so often, check through the site and you should find good info, I have posted a couple of times on it as VA says above

As others say here the quality is variable.

personally i wouldnt get the stikage bag but I say that from no experience of it(!)
1/Its too cheap, no-one could supply a down bag for that money, in India or elesewhere.check the link below for the specs+cost in UK for a typical bag - cotswold is a reputable shop. Ducks are expensive.
2/ Its too heavy - the RAB one above is lighter - the stikage one is heavier because its feather - note the description - not down.
That doesnt mean that the stikage bags are not worth buying - see BB above - but you will be better off with hollow fibre., which although heavier is good enough for most folk.

I use a Fjallraven down bag for winter below zero treks, i recall it was £300 or so but its worth it - comparable brands cost the same. Summer in Ladakh is usually a hollowfill Fjallraven bag and its fine.

The problem with bags is that you get what you pay for and India doesnt yet have the market for serious stuff to make it easily available. I would advise spending the money if you can afford it buying from a reputable foreign site and paying the extorionate price.


There are good fakes about I have seen stuff in Leh that would pass muster and was aimed at the mid market not the designer trekker (like myself......)

A silk liner makes a real difference. An inflatable mat or at least a space blanket, or both will double the warmth. When you lie on any bag the bottom of it is compressed to nothing and you are effectively in contact with the ground

Most of us go trekking/climbing with over specified equipment, you may not need anything so up-market - where are you going? - minus 20 is dreadful, i have only had it a couple of times and never want it again. i doubt you will get below minus 5 unless its high altitude in winter

Remember that your perception of cold may vary from others - a Kolkata native will shiver where a Kashmiri will leave the door open in a storm

to sum up:
Do you need that temperature rating?
If you cant afford real down dont bother with fake especially online where you cant feel it - go for hollow
spend as much money as you can afford on it - 8 hours in a cold bag is miserable.

Good luck
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Idling round the web, I came across this site

Their stuff is heavy but its cheap and their jackets - made from the same stuff are seriously warm - too warm for anything in UK apart from Scotland. They do a good trade with British Army guys who are fed up with their standard equipment. There is an Indian distributor on the site and I have oredered sucessfully from them in the UK, they are a genuine outfit
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Thanks all for the response. Quite a lot of amazing information being shared.

I have come across quite a few fakes in Leh. But didn't really go for them since I wasn't sure how they would turn out to be.

I presently own a holofill bag (Alpine make, a Kolkata brand) which I find quite useful in -5 c range, but it failed me rather badly during a Stok Kangri winter attempt last year. Hence I feel the need to switch to down.

Weight is also a factor here since I generally carry all my stuff. The stikage down bag seemed a good deal. But then, I have no means to inspect it before purchasing. And as Captain Bruce pointed out, getting a bag with more feathers than down wouldn't be such a great thing after all.

I am inclined to get the Simond Makalu II by next month ( Far more expensive than any Indian brand. But atleast I would get what I would pay for.

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